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FJAM's NFL Players Of The Week 1

Donovan McNabb #5 Donovan McNabb - Philadelphia Eagles QB
Who needs T.O.? One quarterback that doesn't is Donavan McNabb. Looking as solid as he has in past Donovan and the Eagles defeated the Houston Texans (in Houston) 24-10. Donovan found many receivers to get the job done completing 68% of his passes. His 314 yards and 2 touchdowns proved to be enough to start the Eagles off with their first win of the year.
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 LaDainian Tomlinson #21 LaDainian Tomlinson - San Diego Chargers RB
Week 1 proves to be a disappointing start for the Oakland Raiders in large part to San Diego's defense and LaDainian Tomlinson. He rushed for 131 yards on 31 carries with his longest run of 58 yards and added 1 touchdown to stifle the Raiders in a 27-0 shut out victory.
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Brad Johnson #14 Brad Johnson - Minnesota Vikings QB
A new era, new regime and new system proves to be no problem for Brad Johnson. Brad's season opening performance on Monday night football defeated the Washington Redskins 19-16. Brad's "find a way to win" style of football was successful Monday as he went 16/30 for 223 yards and 1 touchdown proving he can lead this team post Daunte Culpepper.
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