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FJAM's NFL Players Of The Week 10

Willie Parker #39 Willie Parker - Pittsburgh Steelers RB
Pittsburgh took it to the red hot Saints this week with the help of Steelers running back Willie Parker. Willie had a HUGE day rushing the football. His 22 carries for 213 yards and 2 touchdowns handed the New Orleans Saints their third loss of the season.
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Carson Palmer #9 Carson Palmer - Cincinnati Bengals QB
The Bengals didn't quite take care of business this week against the Chargers but you can't blame it on Carson Palmer's effort. He threw for 440 yards, no interceptions and 3 touchdowns in a disappointing loss to the tough San Diego Chargers.
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Donte Stallworth #18 Donte' Stallworth - Philadelphia Eagals WR
With the longest NFL touchdown reception of the week, Donte' Stallworth stretched the field on the Redskins with an 84 yard touchdown reception as the Eagles routed Washington 27-3.
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