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FJAM's NFL Players Of The Week 16

Marc Bulger #10 Marc Bulger - St. Louis Rams QB
Marc Bulger let if fly this week tallying up a total of 388 yards passing and 4 touchdowns against the Washington Redskins as the Rams win in overtime 37-31.
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Ron Dayne #36 Ron Dayne - Houston Texans RB
The struggling Texans branded the Colts this weekend as they defeated Indianapolis 27-24 handing the Colts their fourth loss of the year. Ron Dayne lead the way for Houston with 158 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns in regulation.

Isaac Bruce #80 Isaac Bruce - St. Louis Rams WR
It's only fitting that the number 1 passing quarterback of the week had the number 1 receiver of the week in Isaac Bruce. Isaac was too much for the Redskins defense as he caught 9 passes for 148 yards and 1 touchdown in the win over the ailing Redskins 37-31.
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