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FJAM's NFL Players Of The Week 2

Rex Grossman #8 Rex Grossman- Chicago Bears QB
Rex and the Chicago Bears destroyed the Detroit Lions this week at Soldier Field 34-7. Rex was just short of perfect throwing 20/27 for 289 yards and 4 touchdowns. Critics have said that the Bears only drawback is there offense however if Rex Grossman continues to play like this they shouldn't have any problems with the Minnesota Vikings in week 3.
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Andonio Bryant #81 Antonio Bryant - San Francisco 49ers WR
In week 2 Antonio Bryant put together an impressive week catching only 4 passes to help defeat the St Louis Rams. Four catches isn't that impressive until you realize that he averaged 32.8 yards per catch with one of them being a 72 yard touchdown reception.
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Rudi Johnson #32 Rudi Johnson - Cincinnati Bengals RB
Rudi has had Cleveland's number in the past and in week 2 it wasn't any different. He rushed 26 carries for 146 yards with no fumbles and 2 touchdowns helping the Bengals defeat the Cleveland Browns 34-17. In Rudi's last four meetings against the Browns he's managed to record 6 touchdowns.
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