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FJAM's NFL Players Of The Week 3

#84 Javon Walker #84 Javon Walker - Denver Broncos WR
Coming up with three huge catches for 130 yards and 2 touch downs Javon earns kudos for his performance against the always tough New England Patriots. Javons 32 yard and 83 yard touchdown catches helped Denver defeat the Patriots 17-7.
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#39 Willie Parker #39 Willie Parker - Pittsburgh Stealers RB
Although the Stealers lose this week to the Bangles 28-20, Pittsburgh's Willie Parker deserves recognition for his solid performance. His rushing yardage of 133 yards on 31 carries and 2 touchdowns helped keep the Stealers within striking distance of beating the Bengals.
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#4 Brett Farve #4 Brett Farve - Green Bay Packers QB
For the first time this year Brett Farve showed up to play finally getting Green Bays first win of the year against the Detroit Lions 31-24. Brett put up numbers we're use to seeing from this future hall of fame QB throwing 25/36 for 340 yards and 3 touchdowns. Oh and this just in.... NO interceptions. Are things looking up in Green Bay?
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