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NFL Legends - Elite Players That Made Football Great

Reggie White Reggie White was arguably the greatest NFL defensive end ever to play the game. With second on the all time career sacks list, two-time defensive player of the year and a member of the college and pro football hall of fame, his stats more than back his accomplishments. Read More

Walter Payton In 1975 the Chicago Bears drafted future hall of fame running back in the making by the name of Walter Payton. Nicknamed “Sweetness” for his smooth and explosive running style became one of the most exciting running backs the NFL has ever seen. Read More

Jerry Rice Jerry Rice is regarded as the greatest wide receiver ever to play in the NFL. He’s broken and holds more records than any wide receiver ever to play the game. His thirteen Pro Bowl appearances in twenty NFL seasons with three Super Bowl rings are unmatched. Read More

John Elway John Elway was a legendary quarterback for the Denver Broncos (1983-1998) who will always be remembered for going out on top. After losing three Super Bowls John posted two consecutive Super Bowl wins to put an exclamation point on his long career and stifled any doubts that he is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. Read More
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